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Punk Hazard Tashigi – finished

Hurray! I finished my Punk Hazard Tashigi cosplay!

In this entry, I’ll go over all the leftover parts, which are the gloves, pants, wig, and boots. I’ll start with the easy ones first, which are the pants and gloves. Both are bought and then altered. On the pants, I just cut and hemmed a pair of jeans. On the gloves, I added the white hem by hand sewing some cotton jersey at the end.

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Tashigi coat, finished

I know it’s only been a day since my last entry, but… I finished Tashigi’s Punk Hazard coat! The last part were the epaulettes (shoulder things), and I’ll write about how I made them.

I started by cutting out the shapes in craft foam, and then I covered them in Worbla. I chose to do the Worbla step because I could curve the shape to fit around my shoulders, and of course, it makes the craft foam harder and more stable.

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Tashigi coat, progress 3

I am almost done with Tashigi’s Punk Hazard coat! I’m currently finished with the main sewing pieces for it, and here’s how it looks now.

After last time, I added the collar, which is faux fur on one side and a jersey knit on the other. It’s the same faux fur I used for her Alabasta jacket.

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