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Tashigi coat, progress 2

After the mishap I wrote about last entry, I replaced half of the pieces with newly dyed fabric. (I forgot to mention that I got the color using Cherry Red Rit dye, incase anyone was wondering.)

Then I sewed the front pieces together and the back pieces together, but I didn’t join the front and back immediately. I stopped to do the kanji on the back first. I used several screenshots as references and made a vector, which I printed out. Fortunately, the fabric was light enough that I could put the kanji behind it and then trace with a fabric pen.

I’m glad I used a temporary fabric pen at first because I didn’t like how I spaced out the characters. I ended up washing it out and trying again!

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Mistakes have been made

As I wrote in my previous entry, I decided to dye the fabric for my Punk Hazard Tashigi cosplay since I didn’t like the pink fabric that I found. Well, no biggie. I’ve done it before with success (like my Zia and Rhyme cosplays).

Let’s just say I made a couple bad decisions.

The first decision was around the amount of fabric I had. I had 4 yards of the outer fabric and 4 yards of the lining, and I didn’t have a plastic tub big enough to dye them. I decided to cut out the pieces first, and then dye them afterwards, meaning I only had to dye the exact amount of fabric I needed.

This made them all fit in the tub, but! The edges of my fabric frayed pretty badly. (In retrospect, I really should have seen that coming.)

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Tashigi coat, progress 1

I am starting on the coat for the Punk Hazard version of Tashigi! I just finished doing the mock-up for it today:

I already altered the collar in this mock-up, but I’m pretty sure I want to alter it again to be a little larger. I also plan on altering the front part to flare out a little more at the bottom.

There’s a couple things I will need to add, which aren’t shown. I’ll have to add the cuffs to the sleeves and the shoulder pads. The pattern also comes with lining instructions, which I skipped for the mock-up, but I plan on lining the real thing.

The base pattern I used is Butterick B6385. Even the example coat is light pink! I feel like it was meant to be!

Next on my list is to dye the fabric. This mock-up was made in muslin, but for the real thing, I bought white twill. I didn’t like any of the pink colors that were offered, so I’m going to custom dye it myself.

I am helping out a friend with a cosplay too and will be blogging about that one later!