Haku (Spirited Away)

  • Worn at: A-kon 2014, AnimeFest 2014
  • Variant: Human form
  • Grouped with: Chihiro (Jessie), No Face (Jack)
  • Status: Still in use
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Photos by: Ed Martinez 


On Haku, I used cotton interlock for the white part and Kona cotton for the blue undergarments and purple sash. The wig is New Look’s China Doll.

Chihiro’s is stretch poplin for the pink parts and twill for the white undergarments. Jessie used her own hair instead of a wig. I actually used my Haku pattern for Chihiro with only a couple minor changes.

These entries show how I made Haku’s costume:
white top 1 | white top 2 | blue undershirt | pants

Jessie and Jack supplied me the black fabric for No Face, so I’m not sure what it is. For info on the rest of the costume and how I made it, check out these entries: part 1 and part 2.


This was a really fun one to do, and people loved seeing No Face. So far, this is our most popular cosplay, mainly because it’s the most popular thing we’ve cosplayed from.

The timing on these costumes is kind of odd because I didn’t make them all at once. I did Haku first, then Chihiro a few years later, and No Face shortly after. Because of that, I actually took apart my Haku costume to remake some things since my skills had improved in that few year break.

These are also super comfortable to wear. I would love to keep using these for more conventions :)