Hello! I am Cat

But I use PuyoDa for various aliases, including cosplay. I wanted to log the progress of my costumes, and thus, the start of this blog came around.

I started cosplaying after attending my first Anime convention and thinking how fun that looked. Jack and I then made our own Halloween costumes (Soul Calibur) and wore it to an Anime convention afterwards. We’ve been cosplaying on and off since!

A couple others have joined us over the years. Jessie (Jack’s wife) joined us after being in our TWEWY group. I got James into it after we cosplayed from Bastion together. I’m the only one who knows how to sew though, so I typically make all of our costumes.

I mainly go to Texas cons

Since that’s where I live. I can usually be found at:

  • A-kon (Dallas)
  • San Japan (San Antonio)
  • AnimeFest (Dallas)
  • Ikkicon (Austin)

I only cosplay to half of them though, and I do photoshoots with other cosplayers at the others. View my portfolio to see some of my photography!

Other than cosplaying

I enjoy hobbies such as photography, webdesign, gaming, and baking. I’m actually a developer/programmer for a software company, so that is how I fund everything :)

If you need to contact me, please email cat@twilight-realm.com.