Zia (Bastion)

  • Worn at: A-kon 2013, AnimeFest 2013
  • Variant: N/A
  • Grouped with: Zulf (James)
  • Status: Retired
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Photos by: Ed Martinez 


I have blog entries that go over the materials and an overview of how I made each part. Please view them for more info!

Zia: Jacket and Shirt | Pants

Zulf: Jacket and Vest | Skirt | Book


This was my first time cosplaying with James. I was already thinking of cosplaying from Bastion, either as Zia or the Kid, but then James mentioned how he wanted to cosplay as Zulf. That’s when we decided to do Zia and Zulf together.

I had been working on and off on these two for a while, so it feels good to finally complete them. We weren’t widely recognized since Bastion is an indie game, but whenever we were, we got larger reactions than normal. It was great to see other Bastion fans so excited about our costumes!

I love these costume designs and they came out, and they still remain a couple of my favorites. It’s too bad they’re so hot to wear in the Texas heat!