Frequently asked questions. Have more? Feel free to email me at cat@twilight-realm.com.

Can I use your blog to help me make my cosplay?
Yes, of course! This is why I post detailed entries about how I make my costumes – in hopes that it’ll help someone else :) I only ask that you don’t re-post my content (my entries and images). If my entries helped you, you can always link back, so it helps other people! Help spread the knowledge!

I have questions on how you did something.
Ask away! I will do my best to clarify or post a follow-up. You can ask in my comments or just shoot me an email.

Do you take commissions?
Sorry, I don’t. I will for friends sometimes (like if we do a group cosplay together), but most of the time, I barely finish my own costumes in time and don’t have time for others.

Do you have a Facebook page?
I don’t for my cosplay, but I do for my cosplay photography: Cat Chu Photography. I mainly post my cosplays on Instagram.

Can I book a cosplay photoshoot with you?
Yes! Please head over to my Facebook page or portfolio to contact me.