Kiki (Kiki’s Delivery Service)

  • Worn at: Halloween 2019
  • Variant: N/A
  • Grouped with: N/A
  • Status: Still in use
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I used 4-way stretch cotton jersey for the dress and created the pattern based off of a shirt and the skirt part of a dress. The bow was made with cotton fabric and backed with heavyweight interfacing before being attached to a headband. The bag was made with suede. I also ended up making my own broom using a broom handle and raffia paper ribbon for the broom head.


After a break from cosplay due to pregnancy and motherhood, I came back with a simple cosplay! I love Studio Ghibli and have been considering a Kiki cosplay for a while now. I like making Halloween costumes and having my daughter match in some way, so I bought her a black cat costume! I’ve still only worn this once for a work Halloween party, but I’d love to wear it again and get a proper photoshoot done for it.