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Phi’s pendant

While I was shopping at Jo-ann, I was in the jewelry section and saw this pendant. It was actually broken, such that the face was detached from the metal looking part. That’s when I thought, PERFECT! I only wanted the face part anyway!


So, I bought it and then traced the face part on some paper. I sketched the rest of the pendant around it as a guide of what I wanted to make.


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Phi and Rhyme updates

I just got back from a weekend at AnimeFest! I finished my Phi costume in time for it, so I’ll be adding more entries on how I made pieces of her costume. I forgot to take photos of myself at the con though. After I clean and repair the costume, I’ll take some full body shots to show. (Yes, “repair” because I was careless and damaged the pendant and bracelet.)

Here is a photo I did before I finished everything though. I did a close-up photo since I didn’t have the pendant and boots done yet.


I also wore my Rhyme costume and finally put together a bell necklace. It’s just a small bell I found at Hobby Lobby, so it’s not accurate to what Rhyme actually wears. One day I’ll make a better one! I found a TWEWY group at the con, and they had everyone except Rhyme. This is the first time I’ve gotten a photo of all 5 characters!

Since Phi is done now, I moved my Phi costume page into the “Completed” category. I will change the banner image once I get more photos of it. I also added those con photos above to my Rhyme costume page.

The next entry I’m writing up is about how I made Phi’s pendant!

Three more off the list

I finished three more pieces to Phi’s costume! The first is her necklace. I debated whether her necklace actually has 3 or 4 beads, but the more I looked at screenshots, the more it looked like there were two at the bottom.


I started with these beads (center of photo) I found at Jo-ann. I thought they might be a good fit for Phi’s necklace, but then I thought they were too small. I used them as a base and made them a bit bigger with Crayola Model Magic. Even though I used black clay, they became a dark gray after they dried, so I painted them with black acrylic paint.


You can see the other two components of the necklace in that photo too. The top is a pack of colored rings. They’re really like keychain rings, and I used a black one from there. The jewelry string on the right is what I used to tie it all together.

The string didn’t hold very well though, so I used hot glue to make sure the knots didn’t budge. After the glue cooled, I painted the spots with black acrylic paint.

Next is Phi’s wig! I bought the Derek in silver from Arda Wigs. This is what it looks like out of the bag:


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