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Summary: Zia’s Jacket and Shirt

Now for a few entries about Zia’s costume, starting with how I made her jacket! I know a lot of people see the pink part around Zia’s neck as a scarf, but I really think it’s a cowl neck on a shirt she’s wearing underneath. That’s the way I decided to do it.




  • Shirt = pink ribbed knit
  • Jacket = twill and lined with broadcloth
  • Jacket collar = yellow ribbed knit

All of the fabric used for Zia’s jacket were actually custom dyed. I couldn’t find the right colors, so I used liquid Rit dye.

  • Blue part = mostly teal and a bit of royal blue
  • Brown part = 4 parts sunshine yellow to 1 part navy
  • Pink part = a bit of wine (the color… not the drink)


The shirt was just based off of one of my shirts, except I didn’t put in sleeves. I then followed a simple cowl neck tutorial.


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Summary: Zulf’s book

I saved Zulf’s book for last and only made it if I had time after finishing both Bastion costumes. I already knew that I didn’t want to put a real book on his belt. It would have been too heavy. Instead, I went with craft foam.



  • Craft foam
  • Dark brown fabric
  • Matte vinyl
  • Printer paper
  • Hot glue

The Making Of…

Unfortunately, I made the book very quickly and didn’t take any in-progress photos. I’ll do my best to describe how I made it.

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Summary: Zulf’s Skirt

There were a couple choices on my mind when making Zulf’s skirt: sew together strips of fabric or use fabric paint? In the end, I decided to sew together strips of fabric. I felt like it would look better, and I was afraid painting stripes wouldn’t look very straight.



  • Stripes = quilter’s cotton, blue and yellow
  • Lining = blue broadcloth

The Making Of…

The blue stripes were 3in and the yellow stripes were 2.5in. This includes 1/2 in of seam allowance. This means that after being sewn together, the stripes were 2in (blue) and 1.5in (yellow).

My process was…

  • cut a few stripes out
  • sew them together, alternating colors
  • press the seams open with an iron

I definitely recommend pressing open the seams. It’ll help them lie down flat.

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